Summer Trainings

We will be using several Friday mornings this summer to offer a series of hand on iPad training sessions. Each session will focus on an app or a theme, and will be presented live then archived online as well. These sessions will take place from 9:30-11:30:
Explain Everything – June 9th – LSB 357
Notability – June 23rd – LSB 357
Baiboard(pronounced bye-board) – July 14th – Hospitality Suite/POST Center
iBooks/iBook Author – July 28th – Hospitality Suite/POST Center
Canvas – New Teacher App and Workflow – Aug 11th – Hospitality Suite/POST
– Revamping syllabi, preparing for semester – Aug 18th – Hospitality Suite/POST
No RSVP required, come if you are available and bring your iPads!

New Tech Enhancement Initiative for AY 2017-18

Guidelines for the Technology Enhancement Initiative for 2017-18

Endicott College has made significant changes in the Technology Enhancement Initiative for 2017-18 and beyond. These changes are summarized below.

++Modifications to the Technology Enhancement iPad Initiative Pilot Program++

  1. Freshman students in the undergraduate nursing and education programs will not be provided an iPad Pro as were the entering students in 2016-17. However, faculty are encouraged to find ways to engage the sophomore students in nursing and education who have College provided iPads. Training will continue to be provided to support faculty in integrating the iPad technology into the curriculum.
  2. New graduate students entering the Doctor of Philosophy in Applied Behavior Analysis program in 2017-18 will continue to receive iPad Pros. Training will be provided to support the ABA program curriculum needs.

++Introduction of an iPad Loaner Program++

The College will implement an iPad loaner program with sufficient iPad Pros to support up to five classes per semester. The iPads will be available to students for the duration of each course but must be returned at the conclusion of the class.

  1. Faculty interested in incorporating the iPad in a course should seek initial approval from the school dean/chair the semester before the course is offered, detailing the intended uses and outcomes of the iPad as a learning tool in the specific course.
  2. A form will be made available that will allow faculty to describe their intended uses and answers some questions with regards to their iPad plans.
  3. Faculty must commit to attending the following training sessions:
    • An introductory session covering general use of the iPad as an instructional tool.
    • Prior to delivering the course, a session focused on integrating the iPad in the classroom and the curriculum of the specific course.
    • A follow-up session mid-way through the course to discuss issues encountered in implementing the course.
  4. In the event that there are more applications from faculty than available slots for the semester, the applications will be approved based on the date of application and the recommendation of the school dean. The Vice President and Dean of the Undergraduate College will give final approval.

We will share additional information regarding next steps as soon as they are available.

BaiBoard 3

BaiBoard 3 – I would like to introduce a new App for white boarding/note taking/ collaboration and more. I am amazed that an App with all the functionality such as this is free!

import and annotate PDF’s, photos, text, web clippings and more.

collaborate with others on the same document

add in the ability to add voice capability to talk to others while collaborating via the app

Use it to journal about a project, share group notes, discuss designs, etc.

To learn more – Watch this review of BaiBoard on Yuja.

Apple Teacher Certification

Screen Shot 2016-10-26 at 9.05.20 AM.png

New Training Resources from Apple – Apple has created a new training/certification program called “Apple Teacher”. They have a series of self-paced training material and then brief assessments to test your knowledge. When you successfully complete the series of assessments, you earn the badge/certification as an Apple Teacher. Here is more information. (log in with Apple ID)