Readspeaker and TextAid: Text to Speech Technology

In our continued work to improve student learning, we have added ReadSpeaker, text-to-speech technology, to our Canvas Learning Management System.

The ReadSpeaker Suite of Learning Tools increases efficacy and extends the reach of online content by instantly creating an audio version of content which aligns with the Universal Design for Learning concepts.

Readspeaker Login

By letting all your students know about this tool, you may be able to:

• Improve course outcomes
• Increase retention and success
• Provide a bimodal learning option

Not only students with reading and learning difficulties can benefit, but any student can benefit! With the ReadSpeaker Suite of Learning Tools, you can customize your interaction with your learning to your learning style preference.
Let your students know about this exciting new technology and let us know what your students say about having the technology available!

Why Should I Use Readspeaker?

How to Access Readspeaker

Player and Tool Highlights

Readspeaker and Canvas (videos)

Adding the TextAid Browser Extension or Bookmarklet to your browser

Other Readspeaker How to Guides and Videos

Location of Readspeaker for Canvas and Text Aid icons in Canvas Global Navigation

Text Aid Chrome Browser Extension (for websites)

When you’re on a website, click the jigsaw puzzle piece icon in the upper right of your Chrome browser…

…then open the Readspeaker Chrome browser extension