Respondus Lockdown Browser Integration


Are you looking for a way to prevent students taking an online Canvas quiz from accessing any outside websites, printing, copying or accessing other applications  during the quiz ?   If yes, then consider requiring students to use the Respondus LockDown Browser, when taking an online exam using Canvas Quizzes.

What you need to know about the integration:

  • Lockdown Browser can be used on Windows, Mac and iPad devices.
  • You set up Lockdown Browser as the required browser for a Canvas quiz with a few clicks from within Canvas.
  • Students need to download  and install Lockdown Browser, using Endicott specific URLs, on their device to take the Canvas quiz.

Instructor Learning Resources

Read this Lockdown Browser instructions document for custom URLs and setup steps.

Learn how to activate LockDown Browser for a Canvas Quiz  5 min video

View this Respondus support article on How to Setup Lockdown Browser for Ipad Use

View this Instructor Resources page from Respondus.

Review the Respondus Lockdown Browser System Requirements

Student Learning Resources

Watch this Lockdown Browser Student Video    2 min video

View this article on How To Use Ipad to take Lockdown Browser Required Canvas Quiz