Frequently Asked Questions

Course Availability & Enrollments

When will my course shell be available in Canvas?

Courses become available at different times, depending on your role (faculty, student) and whether the course is part of the Day School or Van Loan School catalog.

  • Faculty will have access to Canvas courses as soon as the course shell is created and they are officially added as faculty by the Registrar’s office.
  • Day School students gain access to their Canvas courses two weeks before the term starts, once the course has been published by the instructor.
  • Van Loan School students gain access to their Canvas courses 10 days before the course start date, once the course has been published by the instructor.
I can’t see my courses in Canvas.

After logging in, click the “All Courses” link on your Courses menu to locate all your courses.  If a course isn’t listed, check with your school dean/coordinator/program director to be sure that you are the instructor of record in CARS/CX and MyEndicott.

How do students get enrolled in my course?

Endicott student’s are automatically enrolled in Canvas courses when they register for courses. You will find your course roster in the People tab and you can verify the class roster in MyEndicott.

Can I add and remove students from my course?

No. Student enrollments are processed automatically based on information from the Registrar’s office. Multiple updates each day keep enrollments up to date based on student adds and drops from the Registrar’s office. Should you encounter a delay of more than 24 hours please contact the registrar’s office.

Can I add and remove additional faculty and observers to a current course?

Yes, Faculty who are assigned to a course may add fellow faculty and TAs to their course using the People tab, as long as the person being added has valid, active Endicott credentials.  Please see the Canvas Guide How do I add Users to my Course for detailed instructions.

How can a student submit work after a course has officially ended?

The only way that a student can submit work after a course has officially ended is for the End Date of the course to be changed. Course End Dates can only be changed by a Canvas Administrator. Email to request a change to your course End Date.

Canvas Quizzes

How do I give some students more time on a Quiz?

To give students more time on a test, you first must publish the Canvas quiz. Then click “Moderate This Quiz” and select a student from your class list. Next, click the pencil icon on the far right and enter the number of minutes in the box next to “Extra Time on Every Attempt.” Watch a short video tutorial.

How can I let a student take a Quiz at a different time?

To let a student take a test at a different time than others in the class, open the Canvas quiz and click “Edit.” In the “Details” tab scroll down to the “Assign” section. Click “+Add” at the bottom of the screen. Choose a student or students and then enter the appropriate date and time to indicate when the test will be available to them. Watch a short video tutorial.

Course Configurations & Customizations

How do I copy content from a previous term Canvas course into my current term course?

Access the current term course, click Settings in the Course Navigation menu, and then Import Course Content (in right side bar) and then select Copy A Canvas Course from the Content Type options and complete the prompts. See How Do I Copy Content From Another Canvas Course Using The Course Import Tool?

How do I merge multiple sections of a course to use the same course shell?

If you are teaching multiple sections of the same course you can cross-list the course sections to create one Canvas course to teach from. This combines enrollments from all sections into one course. Announcements and messages  can be posted for specific sections. You can also differentiate assignment, quiz and discussion due dates by section as well as grade by section.

Cross-Listing Course How To’s

How do I access Student View?

Access your course, then in Course Navigation menu, click Home and you’ll see the Student View button on the top right. See How do I view a course using a test student? for more details.

How do I add or change a link in the course navigation menu?

Canvas allows you to reorder and hide course navigation links but you cannot rename a link.   See How do I reorder and hide Course Navigation links? for more information.

If you want to add a link, you can use the Redirect tool, which is a third party app that allows you to add links to the Canvas navigation menu.  See How do I add an external app in a course for more details.

What third party apps work with Canvas?

There are hundreds of apps compatible with Canvas listed on EduAppCenter. You can add them by going to your course -> Settings -> Apps.  See How do I add an external app in a course for more details.

Note: To add some third party apps, you may need a consumer key, shared secret, and launch URL.  If you cannot find these through a search or through contacting the third party vendor, please contact your Canvas Administrator at Endicott.

Canvas Accounts 

I am a new faculty member and have not received my Endicott system credentials yet. Can I get access to Canvas?

Access to Endicott systems, including Canvas, is dependent on the Human Resources and Information Technology on-boarding processes. However, you can create an account on Instructure’s Canvas Free-for-Teachers service and develop your course on that platform and then later import materials into Endicott’s Canvas platform once you have your Endicott system’s credentials.