Try out our new Google Jamboard!

Academic Technology has recently acquired a Google Jamboard that faculty are welcome to try with students. A Jamboard is basically a giant touchscreen whiteboard on wheels. Jamboard’s main function is collaborative brainstorming. The built-in app throws together handwriting recognition, shape recognition, freeform sketching, photos, clippings and group-created post-it-style ideas into a live workspace.

The Jamboard app can be simultaneously used by students on their laptops or phones so everyone in class can contribute even if they aren’t standing at the board. And since it’s part of G Suite, all files are saved to Drive and can be shared with collaborators.

Google offered the Jamboard to Endicott for a very low price (less than 20% of the retail cost) because it wants to see how higher ed faculty use the new device in order to develop some case studies. So please contact Hedrick at to schedule a quick demo and to see if you might want to try it with your students.


Students love video…and they love to video themselves. The successful IPO for Snapchat last week certainly confirmed this fact.

I would like to introduce you to a great tool to bring the power of that video into your classroom using a tool called Flipgrid. From the Flipgrid website:

Social learning – Equal voice. – Every student benefits from each student’s perspective. Flipgrid draws the entire class into an open discussion of divergent experience, perspective, evaluation, and debate. In other words, bring the back row to the front.

I have created a demo of the system here – go ahead and share your response to this prompt.  –

Flipgrid is free for a basic teacher account allowing you to host one grid(prompt) at a time so you can see how useful it might be in your classroom. I encourage you to check out the resources below to learn more. As always, let me know if you would like more information or my assistance in getting this set up for your classroom.

Flipgrid Global Connections –

Have a great day – Eric

BaiBoard 3

BaiBoard 3 – I would like to introduce a new App for white boarding/note taking/ collaboration and more. I am amazed that an App with all the functionality such as this is free!

import and annotate PDF’s, photos, text, web clippings and more.

collaborate with others on the same document

add in the ability to add voice capability to talk to others while collaborating via the app

Use it to journal about a project, share group notes, discuss designs, etc.

To learn more – Watch this review of BaiBoard on Yuja.