Students love video…and they love to video themselves. The successful IPO for Snapchat last week certainly confirmed this fact.

I would like to introduce you to a great tool to bring the power of that video into your classroom using a tool called Flipgrid. From the Flipgrid website:

Social learning – Equal voice. – Every student benefits from each student’s perspective. Flipgrid draws the entire class into an open discussion of divergent experience, perspective, evaluation, and debate. In other words, bring the back row to the front.

I have created a demo of the system here – go ahead and share your response to this prompt.  – https://flipgrid.com/mo2dqhc

Flipgrid is free for a basic teacher account allowing you to host one grid(prompt) at a time so you can see how useful it might be in your classroom. I encourage you to check out the resources below to learn more. As always, let me know if you would like more information or my assistance in getting this set up for your classroom.


Flipgrid Global Connections – https://flipgrid.com/786c0c

Have a great day – Eric

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