Lockdown Browser and Respondus Monitor Using Chromebook

Important Note:  Endicott College requires a Windows PC or Mac laptop for students in most programs.  These instructions are provided for exceptions to that general policy. 

A Chromebook is a laptop computer that only runs Google Chrome browser, thus Lockdown Browser is installed as an extension to Chrome, not as a separate program.  The Lockdown Browser extension requires Chrome version 88 or newer. 

Just as with Windows and Mac computers, students with Chromebooks who attempt to take a Canvas quiz will be prompted to download Lockdown Browser, unless they have already installed the extension:

Clicking on the link will bring Chromebook users to the Chrome Web Store’s Lockdown Browser page.  Click “Add to Chrome” and then “Add Extension” to install.  Successful installation will show this screen:  

Log into Canvas and navigate to the quiz

Click on Take the quiz (button) and enter an access code (optional)

LDB extension will automatically be loaded

If LDB extension does not load, then clear Cookies and Browsing Data by typing CNTL + SHIFT + BACKSPACE (those three keys together), then Clear Data,  and try again.  

When complete click submit and then close LockDown Browser — click X in the top right corner

Press the continue button to Exit LockDown Browser  

Log back on to Canvas.

Jim Lacey 9/10/2021

Using Blackboard Ally in Canvas to make your course more accessible

Blackboard Ally accessibility reporting is now available in all Canvas courses. You may have noticed the small icons Screen Shot 2019-10-10 at 10.49.41 AM  that look like fuel gauges next to files that you have uploaded into your course.

To learn what those icons mean and how you can use the accessibility reports to improve your course, watch the short video below.

Apple Clips

I’m writing to share some resources I have come across that are quick, easy and offer some great ideas. Last spring, Apple came out with an app called Clips. This is a simple app that creates short video segments complete with transcription of your audio into text, filters, etc.
For more on the app – visit this page

This summer, Apple Distinguished Educators are making short clips on ways you can integrate tech into your classroom. Some are geared to K-12, but many can be applied to any level of education. They are short and you can quickly review a bunch of them to see if you can find any new ideas. They are being shared via twitter under these hashtags(you can view with or without a twitter account):



Not education related, but an example of people using clips – @clipstours

Check them out, I’ll update this post if any new hashtags/collections emerge.


iOS 11 and new iPad Pro


You probably heard about the announcement from Apple last week regarding changes to the iPad Pro and iOS 11. There are some very exciting features that will greatly enhance the feature set and capabilities of the iPad. I have been looking for the best summary of these changes and wanted to share these links. Feel free to shoot me a note if you have any questions.

Video review of iOS 11 on the iPad

Written reviews of iOS changes

Another summary of iOS changes

I will share more if I find some additional information, but for now, we will probably have to wait until September to download and enjoy these great new benefits in iOS 11.

Faculty and Student iPad Showcase

Please join us for the 

Faculty and Student iPad Showcase

Tuesday, Apr. 11, 4:00 – 5:30 p.m., Hospitality Suite, Post Center

Refreshments will be served

 Come hear about the experiences of those who participated in the iPad 1-1 program in 2016-2017.  Faculty and students will share how they utilized iPad Pros or iPad minis for a variety of teaching and learning tasks.  They will show examples from their courses and discuss favorite features and plans for future use.  

  Please R.S.V.P. by replying to this email  –ipad@endicott.edu  if you plan to attend. 



As I write this, the North Shore is bracing for its real snowstorm of the academic year. In this golden age of technology that we live in, there are many ways to “hold class” even though school may be canceled due to weather. This allows you and your students to keep moving forward through your syllabus. Please refer to this video to see some of the ideas for possible snowdays.