Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) is a fast-growing technology that is already being used by universities around the world. The Academic Technology staff has been investigating VR hardware and software and has been gathering some tools that can be borrowed by Endicott Staff.

Oculus Rift


A fully immersive headset with built-in headphones and hand controllers. The Oculus Rift needs to be connected to a Windows computer to operate. Visit office #130 in the Library to try it out. The Oculus marketplace offers a variety of free and paid VR experiences.

Google Cardboard


An inexpensive alternative to the Oculus, these devices work with most smartphones. You can purchase them online or at Best Buy for under $5. We have 3 available in Academic Technology.

Insta360 Nano Panoramic Camera

Screen Shot 2018-10-17 at 3.03.13 PM

Turns your phone into a 360 VR camera so you can create 360 VR tours. We have 1 available in Academic Technology.