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UDL: Tech for Action and Expression– Aug 30, 2022- Presenter: Hedrick Ellis

UDL: Tech for Multiple Representation-Aug 29, 2022- Presenter: Jim Lacey

UDL: Tech for Engagement– Aug 29, 2022- Presenter: Ana Emlinger

TurnitIn Draft Coach– Aug 25, 2022- Presenter: Hedrick Ellis 

YuJa: Creating, Editing & Storing Video – Aug 24, 2022- Presenter: Hedrick Ellis 

Canvas Quizzes-Aug 23, 2022- Presenter: Jim Lacey

Canvas Assignments and Grading-Aug 22, 2022- Presenter: Jim Lacey

Technology Tools at Endicott – Aug 18, 2022- Presenter: Hedrick Ellis  

7 Time-Saving Tricks and Tips in Canvas– Aug 18, 2022- Presenter: Ana Emlinger

Online Course Quality-Aug 16, 2022- Presenter: Jim Lacey

Embedding Images and Videos in Canvas-Aug 16, 2022- Presenter: Ana Emlinger

Canvas Basics– Aug 15, 2022- Presenter: Jim Lacey

Gmail & Google Calendar– Aug 15, 2022- Presenter: Hedrick Ellis 

Google Slides Add-Ons Slides– Feb 23, 2022-Presenter: Hedrick Ellis

Pear Deck Walkthru– (Part of Google Slides Add-Ons) Feb 23, 2022-Presenter: Hedrick Ellis

Poll Everywhere Walkthru– Feb 16, 2022-Presenter: Hedrick Ellis

Poll Everywhere Slides– Feb 16, 2022-Presenter: Hedrick Ellis

Canvas Quizzes Slides– Feb 16, 2022-Presenter: Jim Lacey

GMail & Google Calendar Slides– Feb 9, 2022-Presenter: Hedrick Ellis

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