Integrating Publisher’s Content into Canvas

Many publishers offer eBooks and course resources that can be integrated into your Canvas courses.  This is a great convenience for faculty and students, with the wrinkle that no publisher does things exactly the same way as another.  Here are the basic steps for two well-regarded platforms, McGraw-Hill Connect and OpenStax. 

McGraw-Hill Connect

  1. Create a McGraw-Hill login, select a textbook, and create a Connect course.  
  2. Select the assignments, such as quizzes and homework problem sets.
  3. Then in Canvas, add Connect to the Course Menu via Settings, click the link.
  4. Click Authorize and then Pair with a Connect Section.
  5. Select the Connect course/section you created in Step 1.
  6. The Connect assignments you created will now be added in Canvas Assignments.


  1. OpenStax (free) eBooks and other materials are available via Canvas Commons, so click Commons in the Global Canvas Menu to begin.
  2. Search for “OpenStax” and your subject’s name (e.g., OpenStax Sociology).
  3. Click on the Course Card, then select Import/Download.
  4. In the listing, select your course number and section, and click Import into Course. 
  5. The OpenStax content will be imported into your course in a few minutes

Note that publishers have in-depth help articles and how-to videos for the detailed steps, and if you need assistance, please create a Support Ticket in Freshservice.