Zoom for Students

Zoom is a web conferencing tool that your professors may use when they want to hold live class sessions or advising meetings.

Zoom allows the entire class to be seen and heard by using your computer’s webcam (optional) and microphone. If you don’t think your computer has either a microphone or a webcam, we recommend you purchase an inexpensive headset that has both a mic and headphone together in one unit.  Note: Virtually all laptops have both built in already.

Other Zoom features include a chat room, ability to share files or your computers screen, breakout rooms and polling. It will be up to your professor how many of these features they want to use and it may vary from session to session.

You don’t need to buy Zoom, your professor will send you a link to each session that will download and launch the Zoom app for you. Once you’ve downloaded the app for the first time, you don’t have to download it again, the link will automatically open each new Zoom session. Your professor may also choose to record each Zoom class session and make it available for later viewing.

Zoom tips and how to