Turnitin and Canvas Integration


Faculty now have the option of enabling Turnitin similarity checking for assignments submitted through Canvas. Student submissions are compared against the Turnitin database and a Similarity  Report is generated.  The report highlights material in the student’s work that matches Turnitin’s database of websites, articles, journals and student papers.

What you need to know about the integration:

  • It works with text entry and file upload online submission types.
  • You access the Similarity Index and Report via Canvas’s Speedgrader or Grades page.
  • You control whether a student sees the Similarity Report when they view grades and assignment submission details.
  • Include this Turnitin Use Statement  in your syllabus to let your students know that you are using Turnitin and why.

Instructor Learning Resources

View the Aug 27, 2020 Feedback Studio Faculty Training recording– 54 min video

View the Aug 1, 2018 Canvas & TurnitIn Online Training Recording     40 min video

Learn how to  Enable Turnitin’s Similarity Report for Canvas Assignments  5 min video

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Review the supported file sizes and types that Turnitin accepts

Instructor help (External tool)

Instructor help (Plagiarism Feedback)

Comparison chart 

Turnitin Draft Coach is a free tool that lets students correct any accidental plagiarism, citations, and grammar issues before submitting their work. It’s a plugin for either Google Docs or Microsoft Word.