Lockdown Browser and Respondus Monitor Using Chromebook (students)

Important Note:  Endicott College requires a Windows PC or Mac laptop for students in most programs.  These instructions are provided for exceptions to that general policy. 

A Chromebook is a laptop computer that only runs Google Chrome browser, thus Lockdown Browser is installed as an extension to Chrome, not as a separate program.  The Lockdown Browser extension requires Chrome version 88 or newer. 

Just as with Windows and Mac computers, students with Chromebooks who attempt to take a Canvas quiz will be prompted to download Lockdown Browser, unless they have already installed the extension:

Clicking on the link will bring Chromebook users to the Chrome Web Store’s Lockdown Browser page.  Click “Add to Chrome” and then “Add Extension” to install.  Successful installation will show this screen:  

Log into Canvas and navigate to the quiz

Click on Take the quiz (button) and enter an access code (optional)

LDB extension will automatically be loaded

If LDB extension does not load, then clear Cookies and Browsing Data by typing CNTL + SHIFT + BACKSPACE (those three keys together), then Clear Data,  and try again.  

When complete click submit and then close LockDown Browser — click X in the top right corner

Press the continue button to Exit LockDown Browser  

Log back on to Canvas.